Shrapnel Sound Studio is a privately owned home-based studio. It is operated by Stephen Shatzer with over 20 years of experience in audio. Specializing in music production, recording and mixing, and has worked on several film productions including sound effects, music for film, and dialogue editing/ADR.

Some of the artists I've worked with:

Side Chain, The Weeping Gate, Amonkst the Trees, Moses Tucker, Monoxide Project, Sychosys, Kingsdown, Reverend Appleby, Kish Moody, Mitchell Meckfessel, Zach McKenzie, Cheryl Boutz, Nick Carter, Catharsis Stoned, Drop Dead Syndicate, Kevin Riley, Dave Scolli, Greg Ward, Against the Cold, House of Melody Band, Paul Tull, Bartley Inc. and many more.

"As the owner of Blues City Music, LLC., and also the co-founder of the southern rock/classic rock band, House of Melody Band, we have had the opportunity to work with Stephen Shatzer many times on various projects. Everyone of them have turned out way better than we expected.

Stephen is a musician first, so he gets it. Couple that with his fabulous out board gear, DAW, mics, etc., and with a vast knowledge of the correct combinations needed to achieve the best tone and inspiration, you will get amazing results. From arranging to engineering to mixing, all bases are covered. We will gladly be back again without question."

- Lynn Burke

Blues City Music, LLC - Owner

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